Coffee Wholesale


Our company's identity is rooted in joining the principles of scientific investigation with fearless exploration.  Bring this spirit of investigation to your café by becoming a wholesale partner with Daylight Mind Coffee Company.  We love to share the experience we have gained, and to act as a resource for other coffee professionals at any stage of their journey.

Wholesale coffee for coffee shops, restaurants and retailers

Our current customers include Hawaiian and mainland retail coffee shops, restaurants, and food markets.  We can supply you with our existing single-origin or blended coffee options, or we will work with you in person at our roastery in Kailua-Kona to create your own blend that fits your aesthetic and budget.  We supply coffee in bulk, either whole bean or ground, ready to be served in your café or restaurant.  We offer coffee bagged and labeled for quick retail sale to your customers in our packaging, or your existing packaging.  

Coffee roasting services/contract roasting

If you have green coffee in need of roasting, we will roast it on an as-needed basis or via contract at our location on Ali’i Drive in Kailua Kona.  We will work with you to discover your ideal roast profiles and produce them consistently each time.  Once roasted, we can label and bag the coffee so it is ready for retail sale or shipping to neighbor islands, the mainland or internationally.

Our equipment 

We roast on a 77 lb Loring Smart Roaster.  This energy efficient air-drum hybrid excels at producing exceptional roasts, consistently.  The Loring enables us to save and use roast profiles, providing  consistency and flavor continuity between coffee batches.  Before roasting on the Loring, we will use our smaller Coffee-Tech FZ-94 to explore the flavor potential of the coffee using small, sample size quantities.  Sample roasting is great for experimentation and faster development cycles of new blends or small harvests without using much green coffee.

A passion for coffee and a culture of aloha

We are a young and energetic company who, like you, owns and runs a busy café/restaurant.  We know the pressures, passion and practical realities of serving thousands of perfect cups of coffee to your guests. We cultivate a close, personal connection with our wholesale clients and we invite you to join our tight knit ohana of cafes and restaurants.  

Our close connection to the coffee farms of Kona, Ka‘ū and the other Islands of Hawai‘i gives us unmatched access to the best local coffees, while our coffee farmer friends around the world give us access to a range of truly stunning global coffees.  We then obsess about how to get the very best out of every coffee we buy, storing it in moisture-resistant GrainPro bags, roasting it on our cutting edge Loring Smart roaster and cupping every coffee we roast.  You are invited to join us most mornings at 11 am here in Kona when we cup the previous days’ roasts, ensuring every coffee we send out meets our ridiculously high standards

Education and training

We are coffee geeks, there is no other way to explain how much we fixate on these beans.  We also know that operating a successful specialty coffee business depends on much more than just sourcing great coffee, and we would love to share what we know about coffee with you and your staff.

Daylight Mind offers comprehensive educational programs in every aspect of the coffee industry from agricultural consultation, to skill-building workshops, to customer-service training.

Our instructors provide students access to a unique combination of primary research in the science of coffee and extensive real-world experience in the practical elements of operating a successful specialty coffee business.

Technical support

Basic equipment maintenance

Regular maintenance and proper cleaning of brewing, espresso, and roasting equipment is essential to the success of any coffee business. For our local customers (on the Big Island and in Honolulu), we can assist with basic espresso machine, grinder, and water filtration maintenance services.  This includes things like group-head gasket replacement, re-building steam wand assemblies, changing water filters, grinder burrs, and any other routine maintenance. We're also happy to train your staff to perform these operations on their own.

Water quality assessment and upkeep

Coffee is mostly water.  We can help you make sure that your water supply adheres to SCAA defined quality specifications, and we offer consultation on filtration and water-quality equipment purchasing and installation.

Café set-up and advice

Between the members of our core team, we have collectively opened more than forty cafes and restaurants.  We are always happy to advise and assist our partners in the amazing adventure of opening your own place.  

A personal touch and flexibility

Every café is different and we will work with you to help you get the best coffee to your customers.  Our deep roots in the coffee community, both here in Hawaii and elsewhere in the world, let us help you find the best equipment, advice and coffee for your unique needs.  Contact us at and let’s explore!  Alternatively fill in the form below and we will get right back to you.

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